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Into the Studio

Good day, everyone!

Exciting times for Northern Oak- in two weeks we’ll be heading back into the studio (Redfern Studios in Sheffield) to record a new EP, consisting of three songs for three of our Kickstarter backers who helped to make Of Roots and Flesh a reality with their incredibly generous pledges. We’re eager to get started- we’ve been honing these songs for a while and we’re really looking forward to getting them recorded. They’re all very different (to reflect the different requests that each of the backers had for the subject matter of their song) but we’re happy that they’re all excellent Northern Oak songs!

We don’t yet have a name for the EP, but since we’re feeling generous, here are the song titles (in no particular order):

Ellan Vannin
The Court of Owls
A Portrait

After the recording, we’re also looking forward to this year’s Beermageddon Festival– we’re playing on the Saturday afternoon. It’s shaping up to be another fantastic year for Beermageddon (they’ve recently announced that the festival is SOLD OUT) and we’re really looking forward to putting on a great show for everybody there! Then, the day after our set at Beermageddon, we’ll be heading up to Chester to do another set at this year’s Out of the Ashes Festival, which we last played in 2013. It’s going to be a busy bank holiday weekend for us!

Keep your eyes peeled for more news on the EP as we complete the recording (video updates galore!) and we hope to see plenty of you on the road!

All the best,
Northern Oak