Cover of Tales from Rivelin Title: Tales From Rivelin
 Release: 2008
 Label: Unsigned
 Recorded: All over the place
 Length: 37 mins, 9 secs
Details: Northern Oak’s debut album, received positive reviews from Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance magazines.
Cover of Into the Attic, 28th July 2009 Title: Into The Attic, 28th July 2009
 Release: July 2009
 Label: Unsigned
 Recorded: Attic Studios, Sheffield
 Length: 39 mins, 37 secs
Details: A live, practice room recording of new and old songs featuring the band’s then-current lineup.
Cover of Selftitled Title: Northern Oak
 Release: February 2010
 Label: Unsigned
 Recorded: Attic Studios, Sheffield
 Length: 20 mins, 20 secs
Details: Another practice room recording consisting entirely of new songs.
Monuments Album Cover Title: Monuments
 Release: December 2010
 Label: Unsigned
 Recorded: USSS, Hellfire Studios, various bedrooms
 Length: 52 mins, 45 secs
Details: Northern Oak’s second full-length album, described as “a landmark album” and a “genre classic” by
Of Roots and Flesh Album Cover Title: Of Roots and Flesh
 Release: October 2014
 Label: Unsigned
 Recorded: Skyhammer Studios
 Length: 57 mins, 57 secs
Details: Northern Oak’s critically-acclaimed third full-length album, recorded with Chris Fielding (Primordial, Electric Wizard, Conan) at Skyhammer Studios.