Upcoming Gigs

5th March 2016 – Corporation, Sheffield w/ Old Corpse Road + Eibon La Furies (Northern Oak Farewell Tour – Final Show)
27th February 2016 – The Black Heart, London w/ Old Corpse Road + Eibon La Furies (Northern Oak Farewell Tour)
26th February 2016 – The Old Angel, Nottingham w/ Old Corpse Road + Red Rum + Raptorgeist + Demidog (Northern Oak Farewell Tour)

Past Gigs

28th November 2015 The Local Authority, Sheffield (Triptych EP Launch)
29th August 2015 Stoke Prior Sports & Country Club, Bromsgrove (Beermageddon Festival 2015)
30th August 2015 Chester (Venue TBA) (Out of the Ashes Festival 2015)
15th/16th May 2015 The Lomax, Liverpool (Mosh Against Cancer Festival 2015)
20th February 2015 Fiddlers, York (w/ Moonsorrow)
18th January 2015 The South Sea, Sheffield
17th January 2015 The Portland Arms, Cambridge

22nd November 2014 Valkyrian Festival, Bridlington (Of Roots and Flesh Album Launch Tour)
14th November 2014 The Fox & Newt, Leeds (Of Roots and Flesh Album Launch Tour)
7th November 2014 The Old Salutation Inn, Nottingham (Of Roots and Flesh Album Launch Tour)
31st October 2014 The Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield (Of Roots and Flesh Album Launch Tour)
30th October 2014 Corporation,Sheffield (Of Roots and Flesh Album Launch Tour)
4th October 2014 Of Roots And Flesh Album Launch Show, Corporation, Sheffield (Of Roots and Flesh Album Launch Tour)
27th September 2014 Snooty Fox, Wakefield
May 18th 2014 The South Sea, Sheffield
May 13th 2014 West Street Live, Sheffield (Sheffield RockSoc Presents…)
Feb 27th 2014 Satan’s Hollow, Manchester (review)

Dec 7th 2013 Corporation, Sheffield (The Astral Chaos Tour)
Dec 6th 2013 The Snooty Fox, Wakefield (The Astral Chaos Tour)
Nov 23rd 2013 The Unicorn, London (The Astral Chaos Tour)
Nov 22nd 2013 The Asylum, Birmingham (The Astral Chaos Tour)
Nov 16th 2013 Portland Arms, Cambridge (The Astral Chaos Tour)
Nov 15th 2013 Firebug, Leicester (The Astral Chaos Tour)
Sept 28th 2013 The Duchess, York (Warhorns Festival) (review)
July 28th 2013 Vauxhall Motors Sports Club, Ellesmere Port (Out of the Ashes Festival)
July 21st 2013 Tiger Works, Sheffield (Tram Lines Festival)
Feb 3rd 2013 West Street Live, Sheffield
Feb 2nd 2013 Ringside, Hull (Witching Hour Tour)
Feb 1st 2013 Tap and Spile, Darlington (Witching Hour Tour)
Jan 27th 2013 Scruffy Murphy`s, Birmingham

Dec 1st 2012 Riverside, Selby
Oct 13th 2012 Corporation, Sheffield
Sept 22nd 2012 Nottingham Irish Centre, Nottingham (Martin Walkyier`s Viking Funeral Festival)
July 27th 2012 Whitby Friendship Rowing Club, Whitby
June 23rd 2012 The Old Angel, Nottingham (Torturous Promotions)
April 29th 2012 West Street Live, Sheffield w/Xerxes
March 17th 2012 The Racehorse, Northampton w/Divine Solace
March 3rd 2012 The Corporation, Sheffield w/Professor Elemental (review)
Feb 25th 2012 The Hollywood & Vine, Hull (Valkyrian Birthday Bash)

Nov 26th 2011 The Unicorn, Camden, London (The Great Exhibition 2011)
Nov 25th 2011 The Corporation, Sheffield (The Great Exhibition 2011)
Nov 19th 2011 The Old Bell, Derby (The Great Exhibition 2011)
Nov 18th 2011 The Snooty Fox, Wakefield (The Great Exhibition 2011)
Oct 2nd 2011 The Musician, Leicester (Ragefest 2011)
Sept 27th 2011 Penelope’s, Sheffield (Sheffield Rocksoc Presents…)
Sept 10th 2011 Gulliver’s, Manchester (Andraste Album Launch)
Aug 14th 2011 Bloodstock Open Air 2011 (New Blood Stage)
Aug 13th 2011 Bloodstock Open Air 2011 (Acoustic Set on the Jagermeister Stage)
Aug 7th 2011 The Arboretum, Nottingham (Pagan Pride Festival)
July 9th 2011 Tamworth Snooker Bar (Bladefest 3)
May 25th 2011 Greystones Pub, Sheffield
May 10th 2011 West Street Live, Sheffield
April 30th 2011 The Frog and Nightgown, Worksop
April 27th 2011 Gulliver`s, Manchester (Valhalla)
April 16th 2011 East Coast 41, Hull (Metieval Requiem)
April 3rd 2011 West Street Live, Sheffield
Feb 1st 2011 West Street Live, Sheffield

Dec 10th 2010 Sheffield Corporation (Album Launch Gig: Night at the Masquerade)
Oct 2nd 2010 Old Angel, Nottingham (Fires of Rebellion)
July 17th 2010 Sheffield Casbah (Errant Tentacles Promotions)
May 8th 2010 Sheffield Casbah (Errant Tentacles Promotions)
Feb 13th 2010 Sheffield Corporation (in aid of the British Heart Foundation)
Jan 25th 2010 West Street Live, Sheffield

Dec 9th 2009 Green Room, Sheffield (Instrumental gig for St. Luke`s Hospice)
Nov 19th 2009 Dove and Rainbow, Sheffield
Nov 14th 2009 Casbah, Sheffield (White Rose Mini-Festival)
Oct 23rd 2009 Dove and Rainbow, Sheffield
Oct 17th 2009 Gathering of the Clans, Coalville, Leicestershire
Oct 11th 2009 Mentholmans @ West Street Live, Sheffield
Oct 1st 2009 The Grapes, Sheffield
Aug 1st 2009 The Ark, Edinburgh (Highland Fire Festival)
June 9th 2009 Dove and Rainbow, Sheffield
March 21st 2009 Casbah, Sheffield (Sheffield Rocksoc presents Rockstock)
Feb 26th 2009 Grapes, Sheffield
Feb 18th 2009 Dove and Rainbow, Sheffield (Forged Live)

Oct 11th 2008 Vic Bikers Pub, Coalville, Leicestershire (FolkMetalUK Gathering of the Clans Festival)
June 21st 2008 Dorchester Hotel, Hull (Metalore Summer Solstice Festival)
May 26th 2008 West Street Live, Sheffield (Tazmania Alldayer 3)
May 12th 2008 Casbah, Sheffield
March 12th 2008 Grapes, Sheffield
Feb 18th 2008 Dove and Rainbow, Sheffield

Sept 25th 2007 Under the Boardwalk, Sheffield
May 1st 2007 Under the Boardwalk, Sheffield

Some Chaps and Chapesses We’ve Gigged With:

Moonsorrow | Regulus | A Forest of Stars | Professor Elemental | The Prophecy | Lacrota | Divine Solace | Cryptic Age | Eibon la Furies | Surviving Savannah | Setsudan | Engines of Armageddon | Echofall | Old Corpse Road | Andraste | Delirium Theory | Redneck | Viperous | Waylander | End of Eternity | Evil Scarecrow | Cause of Denial | Cobwebs | Epic Fail | Firegarden | Soul Shredder | First Born Son | Annwn | Ravenage | Siluria | Alba Gu Brath | Aesir | Jorvik | Sokaris | Wodensthrone | Jacobite | Shallow Intentions | The Prometheus Project | Dyonisis | Naisian | Eternal Recurrence | Jackson Caged | Treebeard | Gone `til Winter | Ameretat | Severed Heaven

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