The Northern Oak EP was another practice recording, this time consisting entirely of material from Monuments- again, we wanted to hear how some of the songs sounded on a recording, and give our fans something to tide them over until we finished the recording of Monuments. Here’s some trivia- the photo on the cover is of the A57 that runs between Sheffield and Manchester, also known as Snake Pass, and it’s my preferred route whenever I drive back over to that side of the Pennines. The road takes you past Ladybower Reservoir, with Win Hill looming upwards across the lake, and past the mouth of Derwent Valley. It’s my favourite driving route anywhere in the country- whatever the weather, the sights are always spectacular and I take a huge amount of inspiration from them. Considering how big an influence the whole area has been in the development of Northern Oak, it seemed pretty appropriate to use a picture of the route as the cover of a self-titled release!

-Chris, 26th May 2014


Arbor Low (4:56) info/lyrics
Greensleeves (Redux) (1:40) info/lyrics
Death In The Marshes (5:06) info/lyrics
Sun God’s Wrath (Demo)(3:44) info/lyrics
Gawain (Green Knight Remix) (5:30) info/lyrics


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