Of Roots and Flesh


Of Roots and Flesh is our third full-length album, the first time we’ve recorded in a professional studio and Digby’s first recording with us. We spent a lot of time working on the songs for this album, mostly because of how long we spent gigging in support of Monuments- it took a while for us to get all the songs together and in a state where we were happy to record them. We also had to consider how we were going to afford to make the album- we knew we wanted it to be a huge step up from Monuments in terms of the production, and that required a professional studio. We ended up deciding to run a Kickstarter campaign in order to try and raise the money for the recording, and managed to exceed our target of £3000, which allowed us to recruit the services of the incredible Chris Fielding and use the newly built Skyhammer Studio in Cheshire.

We’ve been really happy with the positive response to Of Roots and Flesh- we definitely feel that it’s our best album yet, in terms of both recording/production quality and the actual structure and writing of the songs. Of Roots and Flesh blends heavy and light, folk and metal, very effectively (in our opinions) and the lyrics are some of our most deep and philosophical yet. We hope you all enjoy it!

-Chris, 29th November 2014


The Dark of Midsummer (8:48) info/lyrics
Marston Moor (4:22) info/lyrics
Gaia (5:11) info/lyrics
Nerthus (5:12) info/lyrics
Isle of Mists (3:54) info
Taken (7:00) info/lyrics
Recquiescant in Pace (0:25) info/lyrics
The Gallows Tree (4:35) info/lyrics
Bloom (5:03) info/lyrics
Of Roots and Flesh (4:56) info/lyrics
Only Our Names Will Remain (6:49) info/lyrics
Outro (1:35) info/lyrics

Of Roots and Flesh

Press for Of Roots and Flesh

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