Monuments is our second full-length album, the first album to feature both Rich and Wib, and the last album that Elliot performed on. It was a long time in the making; we released two seperate ‘demo-quality’ recordings between 2007 (when the bulk of the recording was done for Tales from Rivelin) and 2010 to provide some evidence that we were actually writing and rehearsing new material! It was recorded in a number of different places, but sounded a lot less ‘messy’ than Tales from Rivelin, mostly because of my increased ability with mixing and having spent more time on preparation and research for the recording. We also recruited the assistance of some of our very talented friends (Harriet Holman and Loo Yen Yeo in particular) to help us record different parts of the album.

Monuments is an album that we’re all proud of- it gained us a lot of positive press (see the reviews list below for examples!) and also helped us land some big shows, notably two slots at Bloodstock Open Air in 2011. A copy of the album was also sent to the British Library Sound Archive at the request of one of the curators, James Tugwell, so to paraphrase the lyrics from Arbor Low- Monuments has, in some small way, left our mark and shaped the flow of history.

-Chris, 25th May 2014


Sun God’s Wrath (3:24) info/lyrics
Gawain (5:33) info/lyrics
Into The Forest (2:58) info/lyrics
Silvan Lullaby (6:03) info/lyrics
Arbor Low (5:14) info/lyrics
Nivis Canto (5:18) info/lyrics
Cerridwen’s Round (4:23) info
The Scarlet Woman (6:01) info/lyrics
Death In The Marshes (4:54) info/lyrics
Pavane in G Minor (4:02) info
In These Hills (6:15) info/lyrics


Press for Monuments

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