Into The Attic, 28th July 2009


Into the Attic was mostly just a demo recording that we did so we could hear how the new tracks we’d written sounded, and also so that we could show our fans that we were still writing new songs and weren’t just resting on our laurels! It was a very lo-fi recording- our practice studio, Attic Studios, literally just stuck a stereo recorder in the middle of the room and we played to that as though we were having a normal practice. We did a limited run of about 50 CD-Rs that we handed out for free at shows- if anybody has one, congratulations, it might be worth something one day?

-Chris, 26th May 2014


Nivis Canto (5:10) info/lyrics
Maiden (2009) (6:24) info/lyrics
Into The Forest/Silvan Lullaby (8:48) info/lyrics
Madness of the Feral Moon (2009) (3:20) info/lyrics
In These Hills (7:16) info/lyrics
Gawain (5:27) info/lyrics
Pavane In G Minor (3:52) info

Into the Attic, 28th July 2009

Into the Attic, 28th July 2009

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